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Packaging Matters

Packaging Matters

Packaging Matters


Who We Are

Our name says it all. For over 70 years, global food brands have chosen our packaging for your food.
If you’ve ever eaten food in America, chances are that one of our companies produced the packaging.
We produce packaging, but we sell much more.
We sell quality, design and sustainability.

Our years of experience and expertise in engineering and materials science results in unmatched innovation and value, and has earned the trust of global food brands.
We don’t just think about the expected:
food quality, food safety and cost.
We carefully consider the impact of every package and every day, sustainability is at the forefront of our considerations.

Consider energy, water and chemicals consumed.
Consider waste and how to eliminate it.
Reduce. Eliminate. Clean. Improve.
Now do it again, only better this time.

This is what we believe and this is why we are called
Packaging Matters.


Our History

It all began with the aluminum pan.

Our DNA is traced to 1948 when Penny Plate was founded by Chuck Buff’s father. Chuck eventually assumed the leadership of Penny Plate and he continues to serve as our Chairman today.

Packaging has evolved with changes in production, distribution, materials science and cooking methods.

Plastics emerged as the material of choice.

Evolution in packaging came with many challenges. Chuck and his team were there, every step of the way, to deliver innovative solutions to the industry’s most challenging problems.

Many of our innovations resulted in the formation of some of the most influential packaging companies in operation today:


Penny Plate
One of the largest aluminum stamping companies in the USA, Penny Plate produces the most extensive line of stamped aluminum containers, selling to Foodservice, Retail, and Packer Processors. We continue to own and operate Penny Plate to this day.

Focus and Innovation
Having invented the widely used rolled rim technology, Penny Plate produces its own dies and continues to be a leading innovator in aluminum container packaging. Proprietary printing and alloy processes afford Penny Plate a leadership position in sustainable food packaging.


Therma Plate
Founded as a producer of crystalized PET (CPET) plastic trays for food. Sold to Alcan in 1990, Therma Plate is owned and operated today by Amcor.

Focus and Innovation
Prior to Therma Plate, food trays were primarily made of aluminum. With the advent of microwave technology, food brands required a new method of making trays that were microwave safe. CPET was the the innovation that solved the industry’s problem.


Associated Packaging Technologies
Founded as a producer of CPET trays, Associated Packaging Technologies (APT) developed technology specifically for packaging frozen foods. APT was purchased by Sonoco in 2010.

Focus and Innovation
CPET trays had a tendency to crack when frozen and cracked trays in microwaves resulted in leaks that displeased consumers. Our materials scientists and chemical engineers developed both chemical additives and rotary wheel technology used worldwide today.


Peninsula Packaging
Founded as a producer of PET containers for the fruit and vegetable market. Peninsula was sold to a private equity firm in 2010 and was subsequently purchased by Sonoco in 2017.

Focus and Innovation
Sustainable food packaging was the primary focus of Peninsula Packaging. Our vision resulted in shifting the entire industry away from polypropylene baskets to PET clamshells. The improved packaging performance and recyclability was enhanced by our deployment of a 1Mw solar powered plant.


Founded as the continuation of our focus on PET thermoformed packaging for the fruit and vegetable market. We continue to own and operate this production facility today.

Focus and Innovation
Sustainable food packaging continues to be the primary focus and our operating experience results in the highest percentage of post-consumer recycled PET content in the industry. We continue to innovate with proprietary production methods and new polymer formulations.


Gateway Aluminum
Acquired in 2022 to provide the rolls of cast Aluminum to our pan manfacturing operations.  We now have a fully integrated supply chain for our pan production with excess capacity to provide material rolled aluminum to the market.

Focus and Innovation
By adding the ability to produce our own material through a melting and casting process, we can quickly adapt to the ever changing marketplace and provide our customers with the latest specifications of material to use in their consumer food products.  We also have the ability to quickly change specifications and alloy types to meet outside customer’s requirements. 



Origin Materials and Packaging Matters Launch Partnership to Develop Advanced Carbon-Negative Packaging Solutions, Building on Existing 10-Year Supply Agreement.

Business Wire Press Release 04/12/2021

  • Packaging Matters and Origin Materials will partner to develop advanced packaging materials, including polyethylene furanoate, “PEF,” a next-generation polymer. The project will leverage Origin Materials’ expertise with FDCA, a chemical from which PEF is made.
  • Packaging Matters will transition its virgin petroleum-based PET purchases to sustainable carbon-negative PET from Origin Materials. Origin Materials’ sustainable carbon-negative PET is physically and chemically identical to petroleum-based PET and equally recyclable.
  • Origin Materials, the world’s leading carbon-negative materials company, will leverage its patented technology platform, which turns cellulose from sustainable wood residues into cost-advantaged, carbon negative materials that reduce the need for fossil resources.

Also Posted atSacramento Business Journal , Origin Materials